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In order to meet the market demand and competition, and HE-TAI JIA continue to improve production technology, and with their own technical strength, design and manufacture customer-specific machines to achieve customers to reduce costs and increase production.

It also has the professional ability of customization, can only meet the needs of different sizes of customers, and make different tailor-made planning and design, to achieve all-round customized service, and truly meet the needs of customers.

Indoor conditioning Humidification Disinfection Development Manufacture Maintenance

Business Philosophy

Honest, diligent, professional, innovative

Quality Assurance

Strengthen the company's own technology and design and manufacture customer-specific machines

Future Prospects

Stabilize domestic access and actively expand overseas markets

Hot Products

18P Humidifier

Lowest power consumption and highest humidification
Ultrasonic spray particles are the finest, micro-fog spreads quickly and evenly
Automatic water supply device, no water automatic power off, spray stop fog time control
Can be installed with air conditioning system to achieve a wide range of humidification effect
Clean sink design for easy maintenance
Good quality, low consumables, easy to install, easy to operate, really save

Indoor conditioning Fumidification Disinfection Sterilization Professional manufacturer

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Professional manufacturer

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Do all-round after-sales service

The future will bring more substantial benefits to customers, and strive to develop towards export

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